Back To It Series

Back To It Series

Took a break? End of a season? Lost motivation? Time to get back into your feel-good practice!
The Back To It Series is a 7-Day program designed to help you find consistency in your workouts, focused on feeling good. The classes are short, spicy and efficient. It is my mission for you to feel strong, energized and ready to take on new challenges after each of these classes. Let's get back to it!

Tip: Get started when you want to, take it on your terms and enjoy a moment of sweaty and playful me-time, for 7 days straight.

Program Guide:
Day 1 - Power Pilates
Day 2 - Glutes
Day 3 - Barre Cardio
Day 4 - Pilates & Relaxing Stretch
Day 5 - Abs & Arms
Day 6 - Total Body Sweat
Day 7 - Meditation

*Is the intensity too high? Spread your workouts over 10 days instead of 7, to create more recovery moments in between.
*All equipment for this program is optional. My recommendation for those who crave more spice: a resistance band definitely spices things up!

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Back To It Series
  • Morning Affirmations — Feel Unstoppable || 6min

    Getting ready for the day, or on your way to work? Listen to these morning affirmations to elevate your mood and feel unstoppable.

  • Power Pilates — Energy Boost || 23min

    This energy boosting Pilates sequence will help you feel strong and present. Tune in for a classic Pilates sequence, combining some of the essentials of sculpt movement.

    - Mat

  • Glutes On Fire — Energy Booster || 17min

    This quick lower body burner is the perfect sequence to up your mood and boost your confidence.
    Expect to set your glutes on fire through classic booty burn exercises. The use of a resistance band can help you spice up the sequence.

    - Mat
    - Resistance Band

  • Morning Affirmations — Own the Day || 7min

    Getting ready for the day, or on your way to work? Let these affirmations elevate your morning routine and help you own the day before it even started.

  • Feel-Good Barre Cardio || 21min

    Spicy & uplifting Barre workout with a high intensity twist—perfect to boost your energy!
    Expect classic sculpt exercises with an upbeat tempo and sweaty edge.

    - Mat
    - Resistance Band (optional)

  • Pilates Flow + Soulful Stretch || 32min

    A mind- and body focused Pilates flow, followed by a soulful stretch and meditation. The perfect class to recharge the body while calming down the mind.

    - Mat

  • Daily Self-Love Practice || 1min

    *The affirmations in this episode are written by Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life).
    Turn to this one-minute self-love practice on a daily base and experience a deep transformation. Listen to these affirmations anytime, anywhere to create a spiritual and emotional shift that will allow you to se...

  • Abs + Arms Power Boost || 18min

    A powerful & energizing tone sequence focused on strengthening your abs and arms. The (optional) use of a Pilates Ball + 1 weight can spice up the sequence for even more burn. Having said that, with or without equipment: this one's a fiery one!

    - Mat
    - Pilates Ball (optional)
    - 1 weig...

  • FORCE — Take Control || 32min

    A very sweaty sculpt and power sequence that will remind you to take control of your day.
    Expect a playful high intensity x sculpt workout, adding some spice with light equipment.

    - Mat
    - Resistance band
    - Pilates Ball (optional)

  • Confidence & Energy Boost Meditation || 10min

    Ten uplifting minutes, to close your eyes and call in to your most vibrant you.