Day 16

Day 16

The 21-Day Summer Challenge—Day 16
Begin your day with morning affirmations, plan your workout to your own needs and schedule and end the day with a short journal exercise.

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Day 16
  • Booty Burn & Tone || 15min

    A quick and efficient booty burn & tone workout—who said it can't be done in 15 minutes?
    Prepare for a floor sequence with classic sculpt and tone exercises, causing some shakey legs!

    - Mat

  • Daily Self-Love Practice || 1min

    *The affirmations in this episode are written by Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life).
    Turn to this one-minute self-love practice on a daily base and experience a deep transformation. Listen to these affirmations anytime, anywhere to create a spiritual and emotional shift that will allow you to se...

  • Day 16—Journal Exercise

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    Day 16—Journal Exercise