Day 17

Day 17

The 21-Day Summer Challenge—Day 17
Begin your day with morning affirmations, plan your workout to your own needs and schedule and end the day with a short journal exercise.

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Day 17
  • Daily Self-Love Practice || 1min

    *The affirmations in this episode are written by Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life).
    Turn to this one-minute self-love practice on a daily base and experience a deep transformation. Listen to these affirmations anytime, anywhere to create a spiritual and emotional shift that will allow you to se...

  • Uplifting + Fierce Pilates Flow || 29min

    This uplifting and fierce Pilates Flow helps you tap into your body and feel strong—ideal flow for when you feel caught up in your thoughts.
    Expect classic Pilates and full body sculpt exercises, focused on building a strong mind & body connection.

    - Mat

  • Day 17—Journal Exercise

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    Day 17—Journal Exercise