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Watch this video and more on Elevate by Rowen

Watch this video and more on Elevate by Rowen

Tabata Techno — Full Body || 21min

The Classics (25-35MIN) • 21m

Up Next in The Classics (25-35MIN)

  • Hangover Pilates || 28min

    Major hangover, or simply not feeling this day? This hangover-friendly Pilates Sequence helps uplift your mood while getting some movement into your day. These slow paced bodyweight exercises with controlled breath-work are the perfect ingredients to beat your hangover or moody vibe.


  • Power Pilates Flow || 21min

    This 20 minute Power Pilates is a part of our Ride & Sculpt class— 20 minutes cardio on the bike, followed by 20 minutes power pilates on the mat. For those who simply feel like doing a quick Pilates Power flow: this is your go to for a quick and intense burn!

    - Mat

  • Abs & Booty Burn — Pilates Ball || 23min

    This abs & booty sculpt session is a Pilates inspired workout focused on sculpting and strengthening the body. A challenging sequence that helps define your abs and sculpt your legs and booty, ideal to improve your posture and create a strong body and mind connection. The use of the Pilates B...

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