Stretch + Recovery

  • Slow Down & Restore || 12min

    Take these 12 minutes just for you, to serve your soul, slow down and restore the body and mind.

    - Mat/Blanket (optional)

  • Post-Class Stretch || 8min

    Stretch and unwind, while enjoying those energetic post-class feels.
    This full body stretch is ideal for after a workout.

    - Mat (optional)

  • dear body, i love u — gratitude stretch || 18min

    Sometimes, all we need is to close our eyes, take a breath and turn to gratitude.
    Gift yourself some ultimate me-time with this comfortable, relaxing stretch—focused on loving your body.

    - Mat
    - Pillow/Blanket (optional)

  • Yoga with Annalena || 45min

    Rebalancing Yin & Yang— This yoga class is focused on balancing the contrary forces of Yin & Yang. Challenging your muscles during the Vinyasa flow and fully releasing during the Yin part of the class, inviting stillness and presence. Class signature: rebalancing, staying present, releasing


  • Lower Body — Stretch & Restore || 10min

    Enjoy some me-time with this stretch and restore class, lower body focused. Ideal for after an intense lower body workout, a booty build class or simply when you need to unwind. We'll be focusing on our breathing in each stretch, practicing patience and compassion with body and mind.


  • Yoga — Relax Flow || 30min

    Relaxing, releasing, stretching— Annalena guides us through a relaxing yoga flow to reconnect body and mind. Wonderful for a calming moment in your day or to unwind before bedtime. Class Signature: relax, stretch, release

    - Mat
    - Pillow or blanket

  • Recharge — Body & Mind || 20min

    This Recharge class focuses on restoring in body and mind. We're starting off with a relaxing stretch, followed by a recharging meditation.

    - Mat

  • Full Body Stretch — Lengthen & Unwind || 15min

    Lengthen and unwind with this 15 minute full body stretch, taking care of your body and recovery process.

    - Mat

  • Relax + Restore — Stretch & Meditation || 30min

    I am exactly where I'm supposed to be— Time for a 30 minute relax and restore session. Starting off with a full body stretch, followed by a calming meditation: today's mantra will help you find trust and guidance, finishing class with peace in body and mind.

    - Mat
    - Towel
    - Pillow (o...

  • Upper Body Stretch || 12min

    Take care of your body and recovery with this upper body stretch. Perfect for after strength workouts and the use of weights.

    - Mat
    - Towel (optional)