21 Days Pilates — Day 20

21 Days Pilates — Day 20

The 21-Day Pilates Challenge is here! To get started, check out the weekly calendar and follow the day-to-day guidance.
I'm beyond excited to share with you the benefits of Pilates and sculpt, and show you how daily flows of 20-30 minutes can help elevate your mood, your health and life.
I've created this program
- to help you build a stronger, more loving relationship with you and your body
- to feel energized
- to help strengthen and sculpt your posture
- to make you fall in love with Pilates <3

*First things first: I find it very important that you take this program on your own terms.
I've designed each class to fit a daily movement schedule. Having said that, here's a few must know's before getting started:
- If you need extra rest days, please take 'em! Your body is your compass, it will guide you to what you need and help you understand what you don't need.
- If you'd like to swap days/classes for another flow on the calendar because it suits you better that day: go for it! Tweak it to your needs.
- In case you're taking other classes aside of the 21-Day Pilates Challenge, please keep in mind to implement enough rest (days).
- If you are a beginner to fitness and movement, I recommend 2 days of movement in a row, followed by 1 rest day. Example:
Monday: Day 1
Tuesday: Day 2
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Day 4

For now, let's just meet on the mat, take a deep breath and get excited to move together!

*If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me and the team via [email protected]

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21 Days Pilates — Day 20
  • De-stress Evening Flow || 14min

    Allow yourself these minutes on the mat, to unwind, shake off the day and tap into calmness. Expect a calming sculpt flow focused on combining movement with breathwork, ending class with a relaxing meditation.

    - Mat