A Tribute to Women

A Tribute to Women

A series of classes to celebrate all women. Your uniqueness, power and purity—thank you.

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A Tribute to Women
  • Foundation x Burn HIT — Female Legends Special || 45min

    Upbeat sculpt workout—combining Barre and Pilates influences with a high intensity twist.
    International Women's Day Special: Today's class (and playlist!) is a tribute to all Women: we celebrate your power and purity!

    - Mat
    - Chair/Barre support
    - Light weights (optional)
    - Resistanc...

  • Elevate Move — I'm worthy || 49min

    I'm worth the work, I'm worth the tears—
    Elevate Move is an uplifting workout sequence to help restore the body and mind. Through movement and breathing we build a deeper connection with our body while finding compassion for what's on our hearts today. Together we create a safe space to move, fe...

  • dear body, i love u — gratitude stretch || 18min

    Sometimes, all we need is to close our eyes, take a breath and turn to gratitude.
    Gift yourself some ultimate me-time with this comfortable, relaxing stretch—focused on loving your body.

    - Mat
    - Pillow/Blanket (optional)

  • Unapologetically You — Elevate Ride || 40min

    Clip in for a moving and emotional ride, embracing who you are and where you stand today. We're celebrating the gift of authenticity, acceptance and connection. Showing up as who you want to be—unapologetically you.

    - Stationary Bike
    - Light weights

  • Meditation — Embrace Uniqueness || 11min

    Close your eyes, turn inward and embrace your uniqueness—your truest self.
    This 11 minute meditation practice helps us embrace our truest self while finding courage in expressing who you desire to be.