14-Day Sculpt & Tone Challenge

14-Day Sculpt & Tone Challenge

2 Seasons

The 14 Day Challenge to sculpt, tone and feel unstoppable.
The Sculpt & Tone Challenge is fun, fierce and efficient. Here's how it works:
Finish 3 to 5 workouts in 7 days, for 14 days in a row.
In week one we'll be focusing on sculpting the lower body. In week two we focus on toning the upper body.



How can I join?
It's easy! Pick and choose your favorite workouts (a minimum of 3, a maximum of 5) from our selected Sculpt & Tone series and commit to your challenge.
Here's my personal tips to stay committed:
- Make sure to plan your workouts ahead for each week.
- Know why you're in it: before starting the challenge, write down your WHY: why are you joining the challenge? what do you want to achieve in these 14 days? how do you desire to feel energetically during and after the challenge?

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14-Day Sculpt & Tone Challenge
  • Savage Upper Body Tone || 17min

    Episode 1

    This upper body tone and sculpt workout leaves you feeling strong and savage.
    Expect a playful set of upper body exercises, floor- and standing, with a stunning view!

    - Mat
    - Ankle weights or Light weights (optional)

  • Abs & Arms — Fierce Burn || 24min

    Episode 2

    This Pilates & Barre inspired sequence is focused on defining your abs and toning the arms—designed for on the go, with little space and little equipment.

    - Mat
    - Ankle weights (optional)

  • Toned Upper Body — Quick Fire || 15min

    Episode 3

    Today’s express class is focused on sculpting and toning the upper body: arms, shoulders & back. The combination of slow movement progressions and the use of light weights creates an intense burn and is ideal to improve your upper body posture. *weights are optional

    - Mat
    - Light wei...

  • Abs & Arms — Raise The Bar || 28min

    Episode 4

    This Pilates & Barre inspired sequence is focused on defining your abs and toning the arms. The perfect sequence to help improve your form and posture.

    - Mat
    - Light weights or Ankle weights (optional)
    - Resistance band (optional)

  • Upper Body Sculpt & Burn || 13min

    Episode 5

    We're up for a fierce burn on this upper body sculpt & tone series!
    Originally this sequence is without any equipment. *To spice up the workout you can add light weights or ankle weights (around the wrists).

    - Optional: light weights or ankle weights