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    FIERCE & FLOURISH is a playful and powerful 7-day challenge, combining two different workout styles: strength & sculpt.
    On FIERCE days, you can expect challenging strength classes to build power and tone your posture.
    On FLOURISH days, expect energizing sculpt flows to lengthen your muscles and ...

  • The Beginners Series

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    New to Elevate? Start your journey here!
    The Beginners Series offers you a warm welcome and introduction to this new journey for your body, mind and soul.

  • HIT & Sculpt

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    As incredible as High Intensity workouts are for your endurance and state of mind, it's very understandable if you're longing for more visible progress in your posture.
    This 4-week HIT & Sculpt program is especially designed for you to combine your favorite HIT workouts with quick, efficient and...

  • Ride & Sculpt

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    Are you a rider at heart and would you love to sculpt & tone your posture? Say no more!
    I've designed this program for you—and myself, duh! Riding is my fave workout in the whole wide world, but when it comes down to sculpting and toning, the results are usually minimal. As incredible as it is fo...

  • 14-Day Sculpt & Tone Challenge

    2 seasons

    The 14 Day Challenge to sculpt, tone and feel unstoppable.
    The Sculpt & Tone Challenge is fun, fierce and efficient. Here's how it works:
    Finish 3 to 5 workouts in 7 days, for 14 days in a row.
    In week one we'll be focusing on sculpting the lower body. In week two we focus on toning the upper bo...

  • The Holiday Program

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    Elevate anywhere, anytime.
    The Holiday Program is designed for on the go—the ideal fitness program to bring along on your trips and keep fit while traveling. These quick & efficient workout classes -with no equipment needed (or optional/light)- are a playful way to stay committed to your fitness ...

  • Abs & Booty Weeks

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    Two weeks worth of tone workouts—all Abs & Booty focused!
    For the next 14 days, your workout schedule will be focused on toning and strengthening your core and glutes. Expect challenging and playful classes, with classic tone exercises and a sweaty twist.

    Based on your personal level, goals and...

  • A Tribute to Women

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    A series of classes to celebrate all women. Your uniqueness, power and purity—thank you.

  • 16-Days FIERCE

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    This 16-day total body strength program will help you feel fierce and energized while building physical- and inner power. Expect a variation of lower-, upper-, total body- and core workouts, designed to build strength, stamina and confidence. A fiery and energy boosting program that will get you ...

  • Ride to Release

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    Clip in, close your eyes and let go of whatever is weighing on you—six rides to help you release, let go and move on.

    For this program you'll need:
    - Stationary Bike
    - Light weights

  • The Thrive Formula

    4 seasons

    The Thrive Formula is a 4-week program designed to help you find your drive, build a strong and sustainable routine for body and mind and learn to love the process.
    Together we’ll work on commitment, consistency, training the body and training the mind.

    Every single week represents a different s...

  • SWEAT x BURN — 12 Days

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    sweat + burn = release / a 12-day formula to feel unstoppable
    This 12-Day high intensity program is a playful full body compilation of some of Elevate's sweatiest workouts.
    Expect a 12-day line up of classes combining high intensity workouts with intense sculpt sequences.
    Classes such as FORCE, ...

  • FIERCE & FOCUSED — 8 days

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    FIERCE & FOCUSED is an 8-Day Full Body Strength Program, designed to build physical- and inner-strength. Expect dynamic strength circuits with a high impact feel, challenging the body and mind. You’ll end each class feeling breathless, confident and empowered­­— ready to own the day.
Program sig...

  • The 5 Day Inner Peace Practice

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    We dedicate these next 5 days to your well-being, your mental balance and your inner peace.
    5 meditation practices to uplift your daily routine.

    Tune in each day for your meditation practice, five days in a row. Repeat as often as you want, while building a new habit into your routine.
    As a bon...

  • 7 Days for the Soul

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    Seven nourishing classes for your body and soul.
    A weeks worth of classes that will help nourish and recharge your body and soul. During each class we'll be tuning inwards, connecting with ourselves on deeper levels— to hear what's on the heart and release what doesn't serve us any longer.

    Day 1...

  • The 5 Must Burns'

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    Seeking for a challenge? These 5 workouts are chosen to be Elevate's Top 5 Ultimate Burn classes!
    Five Barre & Pilates inspired workouts that will leave you shakin' and burning durning each class. This playful full body Sculpt series is ideal to help improve your form and posture, while building ...

  • 5 Rides for the Soul

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    Five uplifting rides that will move you, and help restore the body and mind—
    Clip in, close your eyes and get lost in the moment. These mindful rides will inspire you physically and spiritually, building a strong connection between body and mind. With every single push on the pedal stroke we expl...