• 7 Days Power x Pace

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    7 Days of fierce workout routines—to boost your energy levels and embody unwavering confidence. Coach Tijn & Rowen guide you through a dynamic week of powerful workouts, combining classic strength with edgy high intensity blasts. It's fun, it's fiery, it's high energy—plus, sweat guaranteed. Join...

  • Six Days Sane

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    Six sessions you can always turn to, to help elevate your state of being.
    Let’s dedicate these next 6 days to no one other than yourself—the six day self-care program created to help you turn within, and uplift your mind and body.

    For me personally, it was really during the pandemic that I star...

  • The Beginners Series

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    New to Elevate? Start your journey here!
    The Beginners Series offers you a warm welcome and introduction to this new journey for your body, mind and soul.

  • The Holiday Program

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    Elevate anywhere, anytime.
    The Holiday Program is designed for on the go—the ideal fitness program to bring along on your trips and keep fit while traveling. These quick & efficient workout classes -with no equipment needed (or optional/light)- are a playful way to stay committed to your fitness ...

  • 5 Rides for the Soul

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    Five uplifting rides that will move you, and help restore the body and mind—
    Clip in, close your eyes and get lost in the moment. These mindful rides will inspire you physically and spiritually, building a strong connection between body and mind. With every single push on the pedal stroke we expl...

  • 16-Days FIERCE

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    This 16-day total body strength program will help you feel fierce and energized while building physical- and inner power. Expect a variation of lower-, upper-, total body- and core workouts, designed to build strength, stamina and confidence. A fiery and energy boosting program that will get you ...

  • The 5 Day Inner Peace Practice

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    We dedicate these next 5 days to your well-being, your mental balance and your inner peace.
    5 meditation practices to uplift your daily routine.

    Tune in each day for your meditation practice, five days in a row. Repeat as often as you want, while building a new habit into your routine.
    As a bon...

  • A Tribute to Women

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    A series of classes to celebrate all women. Your uniqueness, power and purity—thank you.

  • Ride to Release

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    Clip in, close your eyes and let go of whatever is weighing on you—six rides to help you release, let go and move on.

    For this program you'll need:
    - Stationary Bike
    - Light weights

  • The Thrive Formula

    4 seasons

    The Thrive Formula is a 4-week program designed to help you find your drive, build a strong and sustainable routine for body and mind and learn to love the process.
    Together we’ll work on commitment, consistency, training the body and training the mind.

    Every single week represents a different s...