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Watch this video and more on Elevate By Rowen

Watch this video and more on Elevate By Rowen

TECHNO RIDE — Turn off the Lights || 40min

CYCLE • 39m

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  • Coming Home — Elevate Ride || 40min

    When we release all pessimism, judgement and limiting beliefs: we're ready to come home. Take yourself higher with every push on the pedal stroke, knowing that being breathless equals progress—discomfort equals growth. Clip in for a playful and liberating ride—helping you to free your mind.


  • Why Not — Elevate Ride || 30min

    Instead of asking yourself why, ask why not— On this transformative ride, we're breaking through the ceiling we put upon ourselves, built by excuses and self-doubt. Instead of asking ourselves why, we'll be asking the question why not— finding opportunity in each challenge and taking back ownersh...

  • Max Out — Tabata Ride || 30min

    No challenge, no change—
    Todays' Tabata Ride encourages you to add more to the wheel just when you think you've reached your max effort. Tabata is an interval training methodology (working on a 2:1 ratio) to help you improve your athletic performance and fitness level. Class signature: endurance,...