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Watch this video and more on Elevate By Rowen

Watch this video and more on Elevate By Rowen

Spicy Lower Body Build || 31min

POWER & TONE • 31m

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    A challenging and powerful total body strength workout focused on toning and powering up.

    FIERCE & FLOURISH is a playful and powerful 7-day challenge, combining two different workout styles: strength & sculpt.
    On FIERCE days, you can expect challenging strength classes to build power and tone yo...

  • Total Body Blast — The Power Boost ||...

    A fiery total body blast to build power and boost your confidence—bring your toughest weights! Expect classic strength exercises with a high intensity twist.

    - Mat
    - Heavy weights
    - Resistance band

  • Booty Burn & Boost || 20min

    This playful and very spicy lower body workout will set your glutes on fayaaa—we're talking burn!
    For this sequence you will need some barre support; a chair, or furniture of hip-height will do the trick. For extra spice, you can use a resistance band.

    - Mat
    - Chair (or any other Barr...