The Thrive Formula

The Thrive Formula

4 Seasons

The Thrive Formula is a 4-week program designed to help you find your drive, build a strong and sustainable routine for body and mind and learn to love the process.
Together we’ll work on commitment, consistency, training the body and training the mind.

Every single week represents a different stage for both body and mind, and includes workouts, recovery classes, guided meditations, mindset & nutrition episodes and more.
Each stage offers its own calendar (download below), which guides you through the program and helps you personalize it to your own needs.

For this program you'll need:
- Mat
- Light + Medium weights (optional)
- Resistance band (optional)

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The Thrive Formula
  • Calendar Stage Three — The Thrive Formula

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  • Create Your Own Calendar

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  • Monday Motivation Boost — Core HIT || 25min

    Episode 1

    Whether you woke up feeling madly unmotivated or super excited for a brand new week—this high intensity sequence will uplift your mood.
    Expect a playful, vibrant and challenging high intensity workout focused on strengthening your core (bodyweight only) and finishing class with a short post-class...

  • Defined Abs || 15min

    Episode 2

    This 15 minute abs workout focuses on defining and strengthening your abs.

    - Mat
    - 1 Heavy weight (optional)

  • Restorative Meditation || 8min

    Episode 3

    Restore the loving relationship with your body— by Emilie, holistic coach

  • SOUL TALK — Why I love Mantra's

    Episode 4

    On today's SOUL TALK I'm sharing one of my favorite tools that I use to protect my joy, stay positive and keep my focus whenever I feel distracted by my emotions and circumstances.
    We'll be talking about Mantra's—what is a Mantra and how can you turn it into a superpower. Also, sharing with you ...

  • FIERCE Lower Body — No Excuses || 40min

    Episode 5

    FIERCE is a dynamic workout combining lower body (legs + glutes) focused exercises with high intensity intervals. The fusion of sculpt, strength and high impact exercises creates a powerful balance between sweat and burn. Goal is to leave class feeling strong and fierce, ready to take on new chal...