Week Three—Confidence

Week Three—Confidence

Week Three—Confidence (April 18-24):
Challenge: Complete 3 of our most fierce Elevate classes that will help you boost your confidence and feel strong (within 7 days). Let's get sweaty!

Week Three—Confidence
  • SOUL TALK — Let's Talk Confidence || 10min

    I feel like practicing confidence has never been as important as it is to me today. On a daily base I get triggered by the silliest, self-sabotaging reasons to lose self-esteem. But how does it work?! Is confidence something we can practice—and if so, how?
     On this SOUL TALK episode I'm sharing m...

  • Confidence Boost — Total Body Blast || 24min

    This Total Body Blast workout combines classic strength exercises (+ weights) with a high intensity twist.
    Today's focus: boosting your confidence through movement. The energizing vibe will inspire you to dig deeper and push through every challenge.

    - Mat
    - Heavy weights (optional)

  • Elevate Move — I'm worthy || 49min

    I'm worth the work, I'm worth the tears—
    Elevate Move is an uplifting workout sequence to help restore the body and mind. Through movement and breathing we build a deeper connection with our body while finding compassion for what's on our hearts today. Together we create a safe space to move, fe...

  • Beating Self-doubt — Power x Tone || 37min

    This total body strength workout is all about beating self-doubt and owning your power.

    - Mat
    - Medium/Heavy weights
    - Resistance band (optional)

  • Vulnerability is Brave — Elevate Ride || 45min

    Authenticity is magnetic, vulnerability is brave— Clip in for an energetic and moving ride, packed with pushes, intervals and tap backs. We're exploring the meaning of vulnerability as we find playfulness in being in the moment. The perfect ride to reset your mind and heart to what truly drives y...

  • Unapologetically You — Elevate Ride || 40min

    Clip in for a moving and emotional ride, embracing who you are and where you stand today. We're celebrating the gift of authenticity, acceptance and connection. Showing up as who you want to be—unapologetically you.

    - Stationary Bike
    - Light weights