The Mindful Collection

The Mindful Collection

Transformation starts within: move, meditate and journal with me for 7 days, while rewriting your story. The way we speak to ourselves is within our own hands—each of these classes is designed to help you find compassion for where you stand today, while elevating your confidence.

Program Guidelines
Day 1 — Morning Affirmations + The Feel Better Flow
Day 2 — Relaxing Stretch + Journal
Day 3 — Morning Affirmations + Power Pilates 'Love Your Body'
Day 4 — Confidence & Energy Boost Meditation
Day 5 — Pilates Flow + Soulful Stretch
Day 6 — FORCE 'The Feel-Good Sesh'
Day 7 — Pilates Flow 'Breathe & Burn' + Good Night Gratitude Practice

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The Mindful Collection
  • Morning Affirmations — Feel Unstoppable || 6min

    Getting ready for the day, or on your way to work? Listen to these morning affirmations to elevate your mood and feel unstoppable.

  • The Feel Better Flow — Powered by BALA || 24min

    Meet yourself on the mat, cancel all distractions and take these minutes to honor your feelings. This sweaty sequence will help you release and let go—while recharging in confidence and light. ***This class is powered by BALA***

  • Relaxing Stretch & Journal || 19min

    A relaxing, meditative stretch to help you unwind, followed by an uplifting journal exercise to elevate your state of being.
    These simple journal questions can help you find out what truly lights your fire, and how to create more of that in your life.

    - Journal & Pen
    - Mat/Pillow (opt...

  • Power Pilates — Love Your Body || 22min

    This Power Pilates sequence empowers you to move, embrace and love your body.
    Expect a strong and playful sculpt workout, focused on building a loving relationship with your body.

    - Mat

  • Confidence & Energy Boost Meditation || 10min

    Ten uplifting minutes, to close your eyes and call in to your most vibrant you.

  • Pilates Flow + Soulful Stretch || 32min

    A mind- and body focused Pilates flow, followed by a soulful stretch and meditation. The perfect class to recharge the body while calming down the mind.

    - Mat

  • FORCE — the Feel-Good sesh || 37min

    An uplifting and upbeat full body workout, focused on high intensity movement and sculpting the body.
    In today's class we prioritize feeling good—expect a playful vibe and a fierce HIT finisher!

    - Mat
    - Light weights (optional)
    - Resistance band (optional)

  • Pilates Flow — Breathe & Burn || 27min

    This full body Pilates Flow will help you build a strong body & mind connection, while finding the perfect balance between breath-work and slow paced movement. Ideal to calm you down, get out of your head and release stress.

    - Mat
    - Ankle weights (optional)

  • Good Night Gratitude Practice || 4min

    A peaceful and enlightening visualization practice to cultivate gratitude before falling asleep.
    You can do this practice seated, laying down or even while journaling.