The Thrive Formula

The Thrive Formula

4 Seasons

The Thrive Formula is a 4-week program designed to help you find your drive, build a strong and sustainable routine for body and mind and learn to love the process.
Together we’ll work on commitment, consistency, training the body and training the mind.

Every single week represents a different stage for both body and mind, and includes workouts, recovery classes, guided meditations, mindset & nutrition episodes and more.
Each stage offers its own calendar (download below), which guides you through the program and helps you personalize it to your own needs.

For this program you'll need:
- Mat
- Light + Medium weights (optional)
- Resistance band (optional)

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The Thrive Formula
  • Calendar Stage Four — The Thrive Formula

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  • FORCE — Beyond Limits || 40min

    Episode 1

    Let your body take over and thrive beyond your limits—full body, high intensity work.
    FORCE is a full body high impact sculpt & tone workout, performed to the rhythm of the music. A playful and challenging workout sequence that will leave you feeling breathless and uplifted. *This class provides ...

  • Power Pilates Flow || 21min

    Episode 2

    This 20 minute Power Pilates is a part of our Ride & Sculpt class— 20 minutes cardio on the bike, followed by 20 minutes power pilates on the mat. For those who simply feel like doing a quick Pilates Power flow: this is your go to for a quick and intense burn!

    - Mat

  • dear body, i love u — gratitude stretch || 18min

    Episode 3

    Sometimes, all we need is to close our eyes, take a breath and turn to gratitude.
    Gift yourself some ultimate me-time with this comfortable, relaxing stretch—focused on loving your body.

    - Mat
    - Pillow/Blanket (optional)

  • Gratitude Practice — Meditate & Journal || 12min

    Episode 4

    Today, we're cultivating gratitude by meditation and an easy journal exercise. An uplifting episode, perfect to start- and end your day with.

  • Power Abs — Quick Fire || 10min

    Episode 5

    Strengthen and define your abs with these ten minutes of burn—you'll get your heart rate up within no time!

    - Mat

  • Abs & Arms — Ultimate Burn || 15min

    Episode 6

    Expect an instant burn on today's Abs & Arms sculpt sequence! The combination of slow pace movement, full focus and core control make sure this 15 minute express class is tough, efficient and playful at the same time.

    - Light weights (optional)

  • Sideline Series — Hips, Glutes & Thighs || 10min

    Episode 7

    This 10 minute intense Express class is focused on sculpting your hips, glutes and thighs. Perfect for a quick lift & burn, or to combine with other express workouts.
    - Mat
    - Resistance band (optional)

  • Elevate Move — Inner-light || 50min

    Episode 8

    On today's class we cultivate light, reminding ourselves that feeling great starts within you.
    Our signature class, movement for the soul. Elevate Move is an uplifting workout sequence to help restore the body and mind. Through movement and breathing we build a deeper connection with our body whi...