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  • The Solar Eclipse Flow — Pilates & Meditation || 31min

    The solar eclipse can cause some emotional friction—let's calm the mind and strengthen the body with this grounding Pilates flow that will help you feel centred, followed by a calming meditation.

    - Mat

  • De-stress Evening Flow || 14min

    Allow yourself these minutes on the mat, to unwind, shake off the day and tap into calmness.
    Expect a calming sculpt flow focused on combining movement with breathwork, and end class with a relaxing meditation.

    - Mat

  • Breathe & Release || 16min

    Take care of your mind & body with Coach Tijn's restorative stretch, meditation and breathwork session. Whether you have meditated before, or you are new to the practice—this session is a lovely -accessible for everyone- class that will help you calm down and turn inward.

    - Blanket (...

  • The Self-Care Flow || 18min

    Take a moment for you while easing into this movement flow—slow, restorative and just for you.
    Expect a gentle and slow paced Pilates sequence, followed by a calming meditation.

    - Mat

  • Restorative Pilates Flow || 20min

    When you don't feel like moving, but you also kinda do.. This restorative Pilates flow helps recharge your energy through slow paced sculpt sequences, combined with deep intentional breathing. Row's personal go-to flow during the menstrual phase. Also lovely for a Sunday type of feel! Finishes wi...

  • The Lazy Hangover Flow || 31min

    Zero motivation? Lazy AF? Or just not feeling this day? The hangover flow is here to cheer you up! Make no mistake—this flow will certainly help you get in some burn for today; we're just embracing the laziness, too..

    - Mat
    - Ankle weights or Light Weights (optional)

  • Wake Up Pilates Flow || 21min

    Wake up gently and energised with this peaceful Pilates flow and uplifting meditation.

    - Mat

  • Just Move Sculpt Flow || 21min

    This *Just Move* sculpt flow is the perfect sequence for when you need some time on the mat to disconnect from all distractions and just be present. A playful and challenging total body class with calming house beats and an energy boosting effect.

  • Pilates — The Fiery Fall Flow || 37min

    This Fiery Fall Flow will make sure to elevate your mood while getting in a fierce sweat. Light a candle and get into the fall season-mood with this total body Pilates class.

    - Mat

  • Post-Class Meditation || 4min

    Ground and inhale the energy you've cultivated throughout class with this short meditation moment.

  • Morning Affirmations — Feel Unstoppable || 6min

    Getting ready for the day, or on your way to work? Listen to these morning affirmations to elevate your mood and feel unstoppable.

  • Daily Affirmations—Empowering Morning

    Listen to these affirmations in the morning to start your day feeling empowered and unstoppable.

  • Elevate Move — Inner-light || 50min

    On today's class we cultivate light, reminding ourselves that feeling great starts within you.
    Our signature class, movement for the soul. Elevate Move is an uplifting workout sequence to help restore the body and mind. Through movement and breathing we build a deeper connection with our body whi...

  • Morning Affirmations — Own the Day || 7min

    Getting ready for the day, or on your way to work? Let these affirmations elevate your morning routine and help you own the day before it even started.

  • Meditation — Raise Your Vibration || 12min

    Tune in with yourself for twelve minutes, to raise your vibration and uplift your energy.

  • Restorative Meditation || 8min

    Restore the loving relationship with your body— by Emilie, holistic coach

  • Post-class Meditation — Energy Boost || 8min

    This post-class meditation is ideal for after your workout— expanding the good energy you've cultivated through class and bringing it into the rest of your day.

  • Lower Body — Stretch & Restore || 10min

    Enjoy some me-time with this stretch and restore class, lower body focused. Ideal for after an intense lower body workout, a booty build class or simply when you need to unwind. We'll be focusing on our breathing in each stretch, practicing patience and compassion with body and mind.


  • Rainbow Meditation — Ignite Your Qualities || 9min

    Holistic Coach Emilie guides you through a calming, inspiring meditation, reconnecting with your chakra's and its colors. Let this practice move you while these colors ignite your qualities.

  • Relax + Restore — Stretch & Meditation || 30min

    I am exactly where I'm supposed to be— Time for a 30 minute relax and restore session. Starting off with a full body stretch, followed by a calming meditation: today's mantra will help you find trust and guidance, finishing class with peace in body and mind.

    - Mat
    - Towel
    - Pillow (o...

  • Recharge — Body & Mind || 20min

    This Recharge class focuses on restoring in body and mind. We're starting off with a relaxing stretch, followed by a recharging meditation.

    - Mat

  • Morning Meditation — Set up for success || 7min

    Set up for success and feel unstoppable throughout your day with this 7 minute morning meditation. When we find consistency in our meditation practice, you'll notice a positive shift in your energy and daily life.

  • Connection Meditation by Emilie || 7min

    This meditation will allow you to feel connected to your higher self, the Universe and mother Earth— by Holistic Coach Emilie Bekink

  • Energy Boost Meditation || 5min

    During this meditation we'll be cultivating a strong and sustainable energy that will help you show up as your best self.