The Thrive Formula

The Thrive Formula

4 Seasons

The Thrive Formula is a 4-week program designed to help you find your drive, build a strong and sustainable routine for body and mind and learn to love the process.
Together we’ll work on commitment, consistency, training the body and training the mind.

Every single week represents a different stage for both body and mind, and includes workouts, recovery classes, guided meditations, mindset & nutrition episodes and more.
Each stage offers its own calendar (download below), which guides you through the program and helps you personalize it to your own needs.

For this program you'll need:
- Mat
- Light + Medium weights (optional)
- Resistance band (optional)

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The Thrive Formula
  • Calendar Stage One — The Thrive Formula

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  • Fiery Glutes HIT || 22min

    Episode 1

    We're going full force & fired up on this 22 minute Booty HIIT workout!
    This high energy class will get you in your ultimate work mode— expect a combination of high intensity and booty tone exercises alongside a playful, energizing playlist. The use of a resistance band will help you spice up the...

  • SOUL TALK — Change the Approach || 2min

    Episode 2

  • Beating Self-doubt — Power x Tone || 37min

    Episode 3

    This total body strength workout is all about beating self-doubt and owning your power.

    - Mat
    - Medium/Heavy weights
    - Resistance band (optional)

  • Meditation — New Chapter, New Beginnings || 12min

    Episode 4

    Take a moment to close your eyes, turn inward and envision your new chapter—begin today.

  • FORCE — Enjoy the Journey || 41min

    Episode 5

    FORCE is a full body high impact sculpt & tone workout performed to the rhythm of the music. A playful and challenging workout sequence to boost your energy and leave class feeling great. *This class provides both jumping & no jumping options.

    - Mat
    - Light weights or Ankle weights (o...

  • Morning Meditation — Envision Your Day || 9min

    Episode 6

    Start your day by cultivating an unshakable energy and mindset—today is a gift.

  • Sculpt x Tone — Fiery Abs + Arms || 34min

    Episode 7

    This upbeat sculpt and tone workout helps strengthen your abs, while building upper body power. Expect a playful sequence that will make you break a sweat in no time!

    - Mat
    - Light weights (optional)

  • Power Core || 15min

    Episode 8

    This 15 minute Core Burn workout helps strengthening your Power House, a.k.a. the Core.

    - Mat
    - 1 Heavy weight (optional)

  • 25 HIT — Fierce Glutes || 28min

    Episode 9

    Fire up your mood with this fierce 25 minute high intensity workout, glutes focused.
    Kicking off with a glute-activation warm up, followed by a high intensity set and ending the workout with a burn finisher—no equipment needed, just burn!

    - Mat