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  • Energy Boost Meditation & Breathwork Practice || 10min

    When you have little time and you're in need of an energy boost, this is your go-to practice.

  • Quick & Uplifting Morning Meditation || 6min

    A quick and easy meditation practice to start your day with, every day.

  • Lifehack — Why I Meditate || 3min

    Rowen shares how meditation has been a life-changing practice of her routine, and how to get started if meditation is new to you.

  • I Am Worthy Meditation || 11min

    This meditation is for when you need a reminder of how beautiful you are; you are worthy. A boost for your mood and confidence, uplifting and calming.

  • The Self-Care Flow || 18min

    Take a moment for you while easing into this movement flow—slow, restorative and just for you.
    Expect a gentle and slow paced Pilates sequence, followed by a calming meditation.

    - Mat

  • Post-Class Meditation || 4min

    Ground and inhale the energy you've cultivated throughout class with this short meditation moment.

  • Wake Up Affirmations || 3min

    Waking up gets easier with these uplifting Wake Up Affirmations, helping you feel energized, grateful and excited for a brand new day. Listen to these affirmations first thing after waking up: in stillness, while getting ready for your day, under the shower—it's all possible!

  • Breathe & Release || 16min

    Take care of your mind & body with Coach Tijn's restorative stretch, meditation and breathwork session. Whether you have meditated before, or you are new to the practice—this session is a lovely -accessible for everyone- class that will help you calm down and turn inward.

    - Blanket (...

  • The Solar Eclipse Flow — Pilates & Meditation || 31min

    The solar eclipse can cause some emotional friction—let's calm the mind and strengthen the body with this grounding Pilates flow that will help you feel centred, followed by a calming meditation.

    - Mat

  • De-stress Evening Flow || 14min

    Allow yourself these minutes on the mat, to unwind, shake off the day and tap into calmness. Expect a calming sculpt flow focused on combining movement with breathwork, ending class with a relaxing meditation.

    - Mat

  • Pilates Flow + Soulful Stretch || 32min

    A mind- and body focused Pilates flow, followed by a soulful stretch and meditation. The perfect class to recharge the body while calming down the mind.

    - Mat

  • Relaxing Stretch & Journal || 19min

    A relaxing, meditative stretch to help you unwind, followed by an uplifting journal exercise to elevate your state of being.
    These simple journal questions can help you find out what truly lights your fire, and how to create more of that in your life.

    - Journal & Pen
    - Mat/Pillow (opt...

  • Good Night Gratitude Practice || 4min

    A peaceful and enlightening visualization practice to cultivate gratitude before falling asleep.
    You can do this practice seated, laying down or even while journaling.

  • Slow Down & Restore || 12min

    Take these 12 minutes just for you, to serve your soul, slow down and restore the body and mind.

    - Mat/Blanket (optional)

  • Brand New Week Meditation || 8min

    This meditation will help you get excited for a brand new week ahead.
    In general, Mondays can be quite overwhelming, and with today’s meditation it is my goal to show that you can turn any type of energy, whether that might be stress, pressure or even anxiety, into a more light and joyful energy.

  • Confidence & Energy Boost Meditation || 10min

    Ten uplifting minutes, to close your eyes and call in to your most vibrant you.

  • Daily Self-Love Practice || 1min

    *The affirmations in this episode are written by Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life).
    Turn to this one-minute self-love practice on a daily base and experience a deep transformation. Listen to these affirmations anytime, anywhere to create a spiritual and emotional shift that will allow you to se...

  • Daily Affirmations—Empowering Morning

    Listen to these affirmations in the morning to start your day feeling empowered and unstoppable.

  • Morning Affirmations — Own the Day || 7min

    Getting ready for the day, or on your way to work? Let these affirmations elevate your morning routine and help you own the day before it even started.

  • Morning Affirmations — Feel Unstoppable || 6min

    Getting ready for the day, or on your way to work? Listen to these morning affirmations to elevate your mood and feel unstoppable.

  • Morning Meditation — Envision Your Day || 9min

    Start your day by cultivating an unshakable energy and mindset—today is a gift.

  • Motivation Meditation — Achieving Your Goals || 11min

    Cultivate the right energy and mindset to help achieving your goals—motivation meditation.

  • Meditation — Release Resistance || 11min

    A moment to turn inward and release resistance—finding acceptance for everything that is.
    A wonderful practice to calm down thoughts and stress.

  • Meditation — New Chapter, New Beginnings || 12min

    Take a moment to close your eyes, turn inward and envision your new chapter—begin today.